Heck! Right from yesterday evening I have been trying to login to my rediff email account… :( Looks like those guys are working on some update. But its seriously too long a period for an email service to go offline like this… Its already shooting up to reach 24 hours now.

I was expecting some important business mail and another urgent email. Its really frustrating to see the ‘Service temporarily unavailable :(‘ page right there on logon…

Only God and Rediff knows wats the problem. I dont think it is a service update or upgrade thats causing the delay to restore things back to normal. Its a common practice to pilot test such updates and the service should have been back online in an hour or so. May be its some network or hardware failure/upgrade thats taking this much time.

I think such email services should have their official blogs to keep their subscribers updated of the latest with them. Whatever.. I am still sulking… I wish I had given my regular business email for the urgent commuinication. :(