The Story Of My Experiments With Cricket

Cricket Cartoon

Ask any 2 year old kiddo in India what he wishes to be in life. With an exemplary display of focus and enthusiasm even that toddler will tell you… Sachin Tendulkar. And that’s almost exactly what I told on my second birthday, to a big moustached uncle who planted a forced kiss on my chubby cheek when I announced that I wanted to be a ‘cricketer’. I guess that’s exactly what every parent wants to hear from his kid in this cricket-struck nation. Needless to reason out why the name Yuvraj is in such fashion with newborns and Bollywood movie producers choose to have such names for their movies in a desperate attempt to peddle their pathetic scripts. [continue reading...]

Full Access to a Late Night Chat Between a Girl and a Guy

Conversation between Me and Sandhya (Name changed on Request)… Changed to Sandhya (the girl in my last night’s dream), out of sheer desire.

BTW lucky girl Sandhya has been sent by her company for a year long work assignment in US. [continue reading...]

Emptiness (Tune Mere Jaana Kabhi Nahi Jaana) – A really touching song

Sometime back a dear friend suggested this song. Since then it’s been the only song in my music playlist… :). Beautifully written, you can feel the pain in the singer’s voice… And I just love the part when it transitions to hindi…


[continue reading...]

And she said… travel in a sleeper coach was beautiful…

It was early morning, its darkest hour. I boarded the train. Dark and dingy inside, for a moment it seemed bright on the outside. My coach was indeed a sea of people. People sleeping on the aisle, people you would have to step over to get ahead… occasionally stepping on a finger or two. But they couldn’t care. They were too happy to just get a place in. With much difficulty, I finally found my seat. On my berth of three there were five. I reclaimed my rightful place with no resistance at all. Afterall they were too happy to just get a place in. So they nudged some luggage and made place for themselves… right beside my feet.

And she said… travel in a sleeper coach was beautiful… [continue reading...]

Modern Gandhi?

Modern Mahatma Gandhi on a Currency Note

ARTIST: Anonymous (Kindly contact me, if you are the holy one! :-))

After having confessed my aversion towards Facebook in my recent post, I would like to reconsider my argument and give due credits to FB, as the above piece of art is what I stumbled upon while exploring a friend’s profile.

I find myself deeply impressed with this depiction of a Modern Gandhi. It makes me think… That if The Great Mahatma was born in today’s hep world, [continue reading...]

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